31 January, 2024

Money Facts 2024

Important Facts You'll Want to Know Tax rates, RRSP and TFSA contribution limits and CPP benefit amounts change every year. Learn about these changes with our handy new Money Facts guide for 2024 and keep your financial plans on track.

24 January, 2024

Market Monitor: Our Investment Specialists Outlook for 2024

We recently sat down with nine of our top-ranked investment specialists at IPC Portfolio Services' Toronto Due Diligence conference in Toronto to discuss what they’re excited about and how they have positioned their portfolios for 2024. With inflation...

24 January, 2024

Central Banks, Fixed Income, and the Year Ahead

In our Insights in 5 2023 year-end update, IPC Private Wealth Portfolio Manager Simon Bowers looks back on the year and discusses what to look out for in the days ahead. Simon notes that as the prospects for a BIG R recession fade and inflation moderates...

18 January, 2024

Money Dates 2024

Here is a summary of all the important dates in 2024 to diarize in your annual financial planning calendar. This guide will help you keep on top of important financial dates and deadlines for income tax returns, GST credits, registered plans, CPP/OAS...

11 January, 2024

Faith: The Key to Investing During Uncertain Times

Counsel’s Chief Investment Strategist Rana Chauhan provides his summary of 2023 and notes that 2024 will likely be a contentious election year in the U.S. as a political circus unfolds south of our border. In 2023, the markets experienced a mixed start...

19 December, 2023

Key Investment Themes and Risks for 2024

It seems like it was only “yesterday” when I wrote my last “What to expect next year” piece. Like birthdays, these events come around sooner each year. As I sit down to reflect on the past year’s uncertainties, how we navigated them, and opportunities...

28 November, 2023

Estate Planning: First Steps

Estate Planning: First Steps introduces the key reasons why everyone should have an estate plan Whether your assets are big or small, everyone can benefit from a formalized estate plan. Developing an estate plan involves preparing and providing instructions...

21 November, 2023

Sandwich Generation: Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

It’s a significant life change when your roles have reversed and you’re the one helping a parent with daily living. Meanwhile, you also care for your children at home. Welcome to the sandwich generation. The term was coined almost 40 years ago by social...

14 November, 2023

The Sudden Wealth Paradox | How to Manage a Windfall

In the following article, Sam Febbraro, EVP, Portfolio Services, shares how you can manage sudden wealth responsibly and face the different challenges that come with it. Sudden wealth sounds like a nice problem to have, but it can come with some complications...

07 November, 2023

Turning Investment Volatility into Tax Savings

For most investors and portfolio managers, tax-loss selling – or tax-loss harvesting – is typically near the top of the list of year-end tax strategies. You sell a non-registered investment that’s worth less than its original cost, and you apply the resulting...