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John in the media

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Your financial adviser should have contacted you by now..... So, how did your financial adviser do this past week? One of the perks of using an adviser is the hand-holding you get during times of crisis in the markets. Even if it was just to dispense platitudes such as "don't panic" or "hold for the long term," a good adviser should have contacted you in one way or another by now.

Mike Morrow, a financial adviser in Thunder Bay, sent a letter to clients by e-mail and regular mail telling them that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the start of the Persian Gulf war caused serious volatility at first, but the markets later rebounded. here to read full article!

Finding common ground with a spender/saver couple.... Common ground can be hard to find when you're working with a client couple that consists of a "spender" and a "saver." The key to creating a successful financial plan for such a couple is to engage both partners equally in the process. Bringing a couple together starts them down the road of successful financial planning, says Drew Abbott, vice president and investment advisor with TD Waterhouse Private Investment Advice in Toronto. "If the [plan's] foundation is set and they're all on the same page it avoids conflicts down the road." 

To bring your spender and saver clients together, follow this expert advice:   Have clients talk about finances, Where possible, encourage clients to be open about their approach to money before they get married or enter a common-law relationship. here to read full article!

OAS reforms approved; CPP reports strong results... Just as the federal government was preparing to move forward on reforms to Old Age Security in May, the second major public pillar of Canadians’ retirement was in the spotlight, with the Canada Pension Plan announcing strong returns for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012.

Reforms to OAS that would delay eligibility for Canadians born later than March, 1958 beginning in 2023 were approved by the House of Commons in June. The current OAS eligibility age of 65 will gradually be pushed to 67.

A month earlier, on May 17, the CPP Investment Board Board (CPPIB) announced that the CPP’s net assets have climbed to $161.6-billion, compared to $148.2-billion at the end of fiscal 2011. The $13.4-billion increase in assets after operating expenses resulted from $9.9-billion in investment income and $3.9-billion in net CPP contributions. The portfolio returned 6.6 per cent for fiscal 2012. here to read full article!

How to Save When You're Young, So You Have Money When You're Old ...  How many times have you heard the phrase, 'your home will be the largest investment you ever make' or 'the first step to financial security is to pay off your mortgage early'? I have heard this advice from most parents to their children and I see these general guidelines repeated over and over again in newspapers and articles on various internet sites. They are propagated because they are 'safe' guidelines that will save the author from being ridiculed or represent the life experience or value system of most parents. It is easier to go with the flow than against it, and it is easier not to take financial risks in life. Well if you want to achieve financial success in life, IGNORE that traditional advice. If you want to succeed financially you need a different strategy. here to read full article!

The Debate: Pensions and Poverty Pensions have become a platform issue in the 2011 Federal Election.  What can the parties do to ensure Canada's seniors aren't living in poverty? Guests: Craig Alexander Charles Campbell Susan Eng John Soutsos Producer: Judy Brake The Interview: Sholom Glouberman: Speaking Up for Patients A health care worker becomes a patient: Sholom Glouberman thought he knew the health care system. After learning how wrong he was, he wrote "My Operation: A Health Insider Becomes Patient." He joins The Agenda to talk about his goal of putting the patient experience at heart of health care. Producer: Allison Buchan-Terrell here to watch!

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